Member Information

Privacy vs Required Contact Info

Submitted on 5/12/2012 10:18:15 PM   Last updated on 5/12/2012 10:19:47 PM
  • More and more EWGA members are concerned about having their personal contact information appear online.  We respect that, and have a couple of options for members to have control of what they want to appear.
  • The option of marking their record in the EWGA database as “Do Not Publish Online” is available, however it has negative consequences.  If this is done to a member record, then the member is blocked from being able to login to the EWGA Member Clubhouse and the Handicap Service.  We do not recommend this option.
  • We have even had some members go online and delete their mailing address, phone and email so that it won’t appear online.  We definitely do not recommend this option as then there is no way to communicate with them at all.  This impacts your Chapter too, as their contact information won’t appear on the roster we send to you each week.
  • The best option is for members to login to the Member Clubhouse ( and update the “Privacy Settings” under the “My Profile” tab.  Members can choose very specifically which information they want to show online, and to whom (Including nobody).

Member Information Policy

Submitted on 1/24/2011 7:37:40 PM   Last updated on 2/18/2012 9:10:21 AM
EWGA member information is intended for personal use by EWGA members in regard to one-on-one golf-related and networking-related activities. Use of this information for broad-based solicitations or mass communications is prohibited. EWGA member information is not to be distributed outside of the organization, copied, published, sold, or in any way disseminated.