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Congratulations to the Chapter Championship 2012 winners!

2nd Flight Low Gross - Angie Anderson
2nd Flight Low Net - Edwina Gary
3rd Flight Low Gross - Judy Jones
3rd Flight Low Net - Ann Speigel
4th Flight Low Gross - Linda Bourdon
4th Flight Low Net - Annette Toner

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Hampton Roads - 2012 Semi-Finals

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Congratulations to Judy Jones - 1st Place 3rd Flight - qualified to advance to Nationals!
EWGA - Hampton Roads, VA Chapter

Congratulations to Linda Bourdon - 2nd Place 4th Flight
EWGA - Hampton Roads, VA Chapter

Hampton Roads - 2012 Nationals

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Congratulations to Judy Jones - Placed 3rd Low Gross (Third Flight) 
"I enjoyed the experience and look forward to competing again next year."